Learn to make a paper chain garlands for Christmas

Normally kids like to make paper ornaments for Christmas decorations because it is fun and satisfying. But adults like something more elegant to use as ornaments. You can still make a paper chain garland and keep it elegant; you just need to replace the construction paper with shiny decorated paper.

After you make them hang them around the house or over the tree.

1. Cut a piece of paper in half. To make the pieces perfectly equal, fold the piece of paper in half and cut along the folding line. Place the two pieces of paper on each other.

2. Measure using a ruler 1 inch to make 12 strips with the pencil. Then cut along each strip resulting in 24 strips of paper, equally sized. Make as many paper strips as you want, depending on how large you want the garland to be.

3. Bring one end of a paper strip to the other and then glue them together to create a loop.

4. Then, take the next strip and pass it through the first one to have them crossed and do the same thing to the ends. You should have two loops together now.

5. Repeat the procedure to create a chain until you reach the desired length of the garland.

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