Some tips to decorate your porch for Christmas

If you are a Christmas lover and you want everybody to feel your spirit then decorating your porch is a good idea.

1. Draw a shape of Christmas stocking on a cardboard or piece of plywood and cut it.

Paint it how you want and then hang it near the door in front of the house.

2. Then, cut another piece but in the shape of a snowman and after you decorate it use it as a decorative item for the front-porch. You can imitate the three-dimensional look by adding it a scarf and a real hat.

3. Decorate the front door with potted poinsettia plants. Preferably use real plants instead of plastic ones.

4. If you can afford, get yourself a large Santa to place him on the porch standing near some wire-frame reindeer.

5. Make some presents out of some empty boxes wrapped in colorful paper. Place a bunch of them near the entrance of the house.

6. Install a real or fake tree next to the front door or if you have enough space you can even install two trees.

7. Think about a way to decorate the path that leads to your front door. A good idea is to use luminaries or big candy canes.

8. Install a lighting system for your porch so that you and your visitors can see during the night.

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