Use glass-bottles to make Christmas decorations

If you are thinking about making your own Christmas decorations you can consider making Christmas trees from glass bottles, as they resemble one pretty much. Insert some string lights into the bottles and decorate them and then place them wherever you want to use ornaments.


First clean the bottle on the outside, remove any labels or advertising plastics. Use glass cleaner for a thorough cleaning.

2. After the glass is dry apply green glass paint on the outside of the bottle. Make sure you use glass paint because it sticks better to the surface and allows the lights from inside the bottles to shine better. Leave the bottles in a dry space to let the paint dry.

3. Make some dots over the green paint to simulate tree ornaments. Decide how you want the paint to dry: in the sun or in the oven.

4. Now, take a copper foil and draw the outline of a star onto it. Then cut the shape from the foil.

5. cut a piece of wooden dowel of 4 inches length and paint it with copper spray paint. When the paint is finally dried, glue the star to the dowel with viscous craft glue.

6. Attach the star to the top of the bottle. Turn on the lights inside the bottle. You will see how much it resembles a Christmas tree.

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