Centerpiece ornaments for Christmas

If you want to have a Christmas party or if you want to add something more to your Christmas decorations, you can create a centerpiece ornament. This will fit well on a dining table or a coffee table too. You can use old ornaments to create it or new ball ornaments for a fine atmosphere.

A centerpiece ornament can be created starting from a large glass vase. This vase can be filled with glittering ball ornaments or ball ornaments with many colors. You can combine these two ideas and make sure that you arrange the ball ornaments in a fine way, with the colors well mixed. You can also use pine branches, bead garland, pine cones and artificial snow.

Another good option for a center piece is a candle folder. A candle holder can be used in many ways and you can decorate it to create a fine centerpiece ornament. Christmas balls can be placed on top of the candle holders or they can be fitted well around them. Also, you can use paper stickers and other small objects to complete the decoration.

Pine boughs can also create a good looking centerpiece ornament. You will need to arrange some real or artificial boughs on a table and create a nest. Christmas balls and other small objects and decorations can be arranged in this nest. Make sure that you use a lot of colors and various shapes of ornaments. You can add some artificial snow for a traditional look.

Artificial snow is also a good option for your centerpiece. You can use a bowl of artificial snow as a base ornament. You can use cotton batting and crystal gel snow. Arrange your mix to resemble a pile. You can buy crystals from craft stores and add water to make them resemble snow.

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