Use construction paper to make Christmas decorations

Decorate your holiday tree, doorways, windows and the entire house using red and green decorations made from construction paper. Creating nice looking garlands and ornaments from this material is something that can bring the kids together with the rest of the family working to create a beautiful Christmas.


Draw the outline of a circle using a template on a piece of red construction paper, and then draw another one at ½ inches distance from the first one, and another one and so on until you have no space left on the paper.

2. Use some fancy scissors to cut the circles out of the construction paper.

3. Now repeat step one, only with green construction paper instead of red. After that, proceed to step 2.

4. Alternate one green one red and again one green and one red circle and put them together. Make a fold line and then staple them on that line once above the center and once below. Punch a hole on top of the folded line.

5. Insert a 6 inch strip of shimmer ribbon through the hole and tie a knot and then make a bow. Now you can add whatever ornaments you want to this decoration, such as glitter glue, Christmas stickers or others.

6. You can place this decoration wherever you want, on a strand of Christmas lights or to decorate a table or a room.

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