Ways to decorate a real sled in an old-fashion Christmas decoration

Decorating your yard with an older sled will be all you need to fully decorate the yard for Christmas. Here are some ideas you can use.

Country Sled

Place the sled against an old fence that you don’t use any more.

Use small cedar, pine, hemlock or holly branches to create a cover for the seat of the sled and for the handholds. Secure the branches with some florist wire. Additionally you can improve the decoration with some pinecones and some red berries. Decorate the centerpiece from the top of the sled with a white and blue or white and red ribbon.

Santa’s Sled

Grab a tall garbage bag from the kitchen and fill it with empty boxes. Cover the bag with a dark blue or green microfiber fleece and then tie it to resemble a sack, using a red ribbon. This will have to be the bag with presents that Santa keeps in its sled.


You can decorate a plain wreath with small-sized balls and with red berries. After this you can hang the wreath on top of the sled.  Then place the sled against an unused door, a porch wall or porch rail.  Prepare a little treat for the guests by placing a small mitten filled with candy on the side handle near the door.

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