Learn to decorate porch awnings with Christmas lights

It’s fast and easy to install Christmas lights on an outside porch awning. The usual period for installing lights is between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The reason that porch awnings are such a great place to install the lights is because the risk of tripping over or mistakenly unplugging the lights is low.

Any home will have a sparkling porch awning during holidays with lights installed.

1. make sure the lights you have are suitable to be used outdoor. You can’t use indoor lights because they will get damaged by moisture.

2. If you have a retractable porch awning extend it at its maximum capacity and lock it that way.

3. In order to attach the lights to the awning, install light clips at a distance equal with the one between bulbs on the light strip.

4. Plug in the lights and see if they work. Replace the strips that don’t work with new ones.

5. Use the clips you installed earlier to mount the Christmas lights. If you positioned some clips wrong then adjust them at the same distance with the bulbs. If necessary use a ladder to get that high on the porch.

6. Connect the strip of lights to electricity and enjoy the lights.

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