Christmas decorations for the house entrance

1. First, you can wrap the front door in wrapping paper. For this, you will need a large colored roll of Christmas wrapping paper that is wider than the front door and a roll of contrasting ribbon.

2. Wrap the door starting from the top and then taping the paper from the sides as you roll it down. Make sure to apply the tape so that it is not visible from the front.

3. Leave some paper at the bottom to tape it under the door.

4. Glue the ribbon to the door in the shape of a + so it creates the image of a giant gift.

5. Tape a large bout to the center of the +.

6. Release the peephole by cutting a small hole around it.

7. Attach a piece of poster board with the words “Merry Christmas from the [family name]” on the door to look like a gift tag.

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