Make invitations in the shape of snowflakes

Making Snowflakes

Try to cut your snowflakes in different shapes to respect the saying: “no two snowflakes are alike” using quality scissors. Make sure when you cut them that you leave enough space to write the event details. When you write on it try using a glittery pen.

You can also paste a piece of card stock on the front of the invitation containing all the information needed.

Paper Choice

Try to use crafting paper that is high quality to avoid ripping and tearing. It can be white, blue, red, green, pink or gold. You decide how you want to decorate the snowflakes furthermore.


Add some glitter to the invite. Stick the glitter to the invite using crafting glue. When you are done waiting for the glue to dry, shake the excess glitter off.  You can also decorate the snowflakes by adding fabric pieces. The pattern can be like when covering a quilt. You can replace fabric with felt and colored paper.


You can use snowflake invitations in many occasions. If you decide for a winter wedding you can make the invitations high quality and in the shape of snowflakes. Or maybe you have a child birthday during winter and you can make funny snowflake invitations made by the kids too. You can announce the holiday party with such invitations too.

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