Connecting outside Christmas lights to a power source

If you have outside Christmas lights installed and you have to plug the in, you have two choices: to connect them to an outdoor socket or to a power source from a basement. Otherwise you can use lights that function without electric power.


If you have a porch light that can be controlled by a switch inside the house, remove one of its bulbs. You need to have an outlet that is protected from the elements.

2. Instead of the light bulb screw into the light socket an exterior light socket outlet. When you go buy it from the local hardware store make sure it says it is for outdoor use. After this you will have two external sockets.

3. Pull an external grade extension cord from the outlet to the lights you have to power up.

4. If the lightning fixture has missing parts on the exterior cover them with duct tape. Protect any open areas like the extension rod and others against elements with duct tape.

5. if the cord is placed in a heavily circulated area you should take it out of the way because people could trip on it and pull the light fixture with it.

6. Plug in the lights in the power strip after you connected it with the extension cord.

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