Creating paper ball ornament for Christmas

If you look for a fine atmosphere around the Christmas holiday, you can choose to create your ornaments at home. This is a project that involves all members of the family and will unite you more than you think. This is a very challenging job for children.

They will enjoy it if adults help them and the project is completed well. So, you can ask your kids to create some paper ball ornaments using the instructions bellow.

First, you will have to collect some thick paper. Make sure that you collect paper of many colors. Then, you will need to trace a circular object on nine pieces of paper and cut the nine circles. Now, you will fold the circles in half with the patterned side folded inward and press a finger along each fold to perform a deep crease. Now, you will unfold all circles and put them on top of another. Now, you will thread an upholstery needle using a thread color. You will need to tie a thick knot at the end of the threaded line. Along the length of the crease, you will need to sew the circle together through all layers. After that, you will tie a knot and allow an excess of thread to form a loop for a fine hanging. Your children can color and add stickers to the pieces. Now, you will simply need to spread the circle segments and hang the ornament on the tree.

For a Papier-Mache ornament, you will need to blow up a round balloon to the desired size. You will need to scrap paper into the strips. Now, you will need to create a mix containing three part of water and one part of flour and stir and create a paste. Every piece of paper strip will be dipped into the Papier-Mache paste. You will need to remove the excess paste using your fingers and then apply the strip to the balloon. You will need to cover the entire balloon with strips and let two small uncovered holes to the top. Let it dry for 24 hours. Now, you will introduce the balloon inside the Papier-Mache ball. You will paint the ball with white acrylic paint base. When it dries, you and your children can paint Christmas designs on its surface. You can also tie and glue pieces of tissue paper. You will string yarn through the two holes at the top of the ornament and hang it on your Christmas tree.

For clear plastic ball paper, you will need to purchase acrylic plastic balls that open at the top or middle. You will need to collect decorative paper and cut it into strips of about ΒΌ inch wide. You will need to roll each piece into a coil and place them inside the ornament. You can add glitter and hole punches of decorative paper if you want. The ornament will be hanged into the tree using yarn.

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