Eco-friendly Christmas ornaments

The best solution for an eco-friendly and economical interior design of your house is to create ornament from items that you already have. Being joyful about Christmas you can create your ornament from cookie cutters, popcorn, pine cones, yarn scraps or anything that you can turn into an interesting ornament.

You will only have to reduce, recycle and reuse old ornament or objects that can be turned in a beautiful ornament.

You will find this job funny and you will certainly keep it in your memories for a long time.

So, you can start creating ornament using the pine cones from your yard. You will need to collect all pine cones that aren’t broken and turn them in magical objects. You will need to glue a string on them as you will need to hang them around your rooms. You can paint them in many colors and you can add a sprinkle glitter for a fine look. Also, acorns from an oak tree and English walnuts can be used to create ornaments. You can use pine cones for squirrels and birds after you covered them with peanut butter.

The natural garland is a “must have” ornament. In the past, people used to create natural garland using popcorn and cranberries. If you are a traditionalist, you can create your own garland which will surely complete the interior design of your house nicely. Also, a CD with holiday music will complete the scene perfectly. After the end of the holidays, squirrels and birds will love garlands let outside the house.

Some snowflakes will fit well with your Christmas tree. You can cut a square of 4 inches of any color you want. You will fold it in half making a triangle and you will repeat the action three times. Then, you will cut notches and holes into the edges of the triangle and unfold it. Then a piece of string or ribbon will be glued to a corner. Then you can hang your snowflake into the tree. Also, you can bring you cookie cutters to the tree and turn them into ornaments. Remember to put them back into the kitchen after the end of the holiday. Candy canes can also help you to ornate the tree.

Another important aspect to take care of in Christmas time is the smell. So, you can use an orange, a tangerine or a clementine to add some smell to your tree and rooms.

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