Hints and tips for an early skylight repair

Leaking is the most occurring problem a skylight has. You don’t want water pouring all over your floor. This is why you have to check for damages regularly.

Sometimes you can get misled by moisture around the window frame because it can be just condensation. If it doesn’t rain any more you can check the leak by pouring water from a hose onto the skylight.

To have an accurate vision over the skylight you must remove all the shingles that surround it and get access to the flashing. Keep in mind that silicone caulk and roofing cement are just temporary solutions. They won’t resist over time. It is better to repair everything completely.

If the leak comes from between the flashing and the skylight frame then the flashing will need replacement. The best protection is provided by wide flashing. If the flashing doesn’t come with the skylight kit, go buy it yourself. Place a wide piece of material at the bottom of the skylight because there is there water will be diverted due to the wide flashing.

If the glass is the problem and you want to replace it, the best replacement is the tempered glass. This is more resistant and doesn’t come with the risk of shattering in the head of a resident.

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