Learn to shade a skylight

The reason you may want to install a skylight shade is to stop the light from entering the house and heating it, thus reducing the energy costs due to air conditioning. The installation is simple. All you need to do is follow these instructions:


Get up at the skylight and measure its width and length so that you know what size the shade should be.

2. Use the pre-drilled holes to insert the side rails of the shade. Screw them in making sure they are lined up with the larger lips. When you screw them, make them flush with the ceiling. Install the mounting brackets across the top of the opening at the same distance at a distance of half an inch from the ceiling. Fill the pre-drilled holes with a screw.

3. Attach the shades to the side rails and then pull them up to the mounting brackets so you can insert the top rail in them. Make sure the top rail is inserted securely and screw the mounting brackets properly.

4. Line the bottom rail flush with the ceiling at the skylight’s bottom. Make sure you tighten the rail with the screws inside the pre-drilled holes.

5. Now that the installation is done you can start testing the mechanism.

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