Learn to place flashing on a metal roof skylight

Even though you can install a skylight on a metal roof, you can have some problems when it comes to flashing it. Normally, to hold flashing you need to install screws in the roof. This will only create more leaking holes.

The solution to this is to use vinyl flashing because this allows you not to make new holes and still seal the seam.

1. Measure how long a vinyl strip has to be and then add an extra 2 inches for each strip. Put the vinyl in position with the additional 2 inches on each side.

2. Use caulk to seal the closure between the roof and the skylight. Advance slowly with the caulk gun to apply a deep layer of caulk. In the end rub a wet cloth around the caulk to seal completely.

3. Now it’s time to adhere the vinyl strips. For this you have to use marine adhesive. Apply it on the back of the vinyl strips, one bead each inch. Remember that you left 2 inches extra for each strip; this was so that you can wrap them around the corners. Press hard on the vinyl so that it is attached strongly on the skylight. The seal can get tighter if you push the vinyl in the roof’s contours.

4. Move along to the next side of the skylight and apply another strip of vinyl. Finish all four sides of the skylight. At the end take the caulk gun again and completely seal the bottom and top seams. Use the wet cloth again to make sure the seal is complete.

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