Learn to create skylight blinds

By adding blinds to the skylight you manage to control the amount of light and heat that enters a room. Follow these steps:

1. Calculate the horizontal and vertical size of the skylight.

2. Add 4 inches to the horizontal measure and cut the fabric at that size. Add 8 inches to the vertical length and cut the fabric the same as earlier.

3. You now have to make a hem. Sew on the 1 inch fold you will make on both sides.

4. Choose one undone side. Sew 4 inches down from it. Go to the top of the fabric and fold it 1 inch. Sew that fold only half an inch from the top thus creating a hem for the tension rod. Do the same for the other side.

Blind installation

1. Insert the tension rod in the special pockets you created.

2. Insert one of the tension rods until it reaches the skylight. Let it extend as much as it can inside the skylight and release the tension in it.

3. Take the other tension rod and insert it in the other end of the skylight. If you release the tension in this one two, the rods will now keep the blinds straight.

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