Skylight types

In order to have natural light in a room during the entire day, you can install a window on the roof, called a skylight. So that everybody can benefit from these windows, there are a great number of types available for every need.

The benefit you get from installing a skylight to your home or business is the reduced quantity of electricity needed to provide artificial lightning.

In order to satisfy every situation encountered skylights are available in different materials and designs. There are some types that are the most used such as the fixed skylights, tubular skylights and ventilating skylights.  Besides these you can upgrade your skylights with screens, thermal and insulated glass, tinting and shades.

Ventilating skylights

With the ventilating skylights, you also benefit from ventilation besides the natural light. Once the window is opened the air in the room is freshened and this makes it an ideal choice for a bathroom or kitchen.

Fixed skylights

This type of skylight only provides the benefit of extra light making them ideal for rooms where extra light is needed like an attic or a workshop.

Tubular skylights

This is the newest type of skylights. What makes this type different is the size of the skylight which is somewhere around 10 to 14 inches, making them ideal for smaller rooms where a normal skylight can’t fit, like a closet. In some cases the light is directed through a tube.

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