Skylights and their use

These days, skylights represent a very popular accessory for a house. They are resistant to all climates and they offer a very nice alternative to artificial light. Being the most important problem of the skylights, leakage is reduced by the modern installation.

There are many models to choose nowadays, like skylights that reduce the power of the sun or models that intensify it.

Curbed mounted skylight and frame in place skylight are two very important models used by house owners. The first model needs a wooden frame to be installed. It is resistant to water leaks. The second model has an opening built flush with the roof line and need a frame too. To prevent water to leak into the building, the framing materials integrate with the shingles.

Skylight materials are lightweight and they aren’t adding a large load to the roof. Acrylic plastic and polycarbonate plastics are very used. The second material is 200 times stronger than the glass. They are durable options. Another good tip for a skylight is to be dome shaped because of the weather changes and water leaks.

The installation of a skylight needs three important steps to complete. First, it must be created a hole into the roof of the house. This hole must be framed. Then, it must be created an opening into the ceiling of the room. It must be crated a frame for the two holes. Then, it must be created a joist between roof and ceiling.

If you really want to install a skylight, you will need to look for a model which is fitting well with the weather climate of your region. So, for northern areas it is recommended to use a lower u-factor skylight. Also, you will need to look for solar heat Gain Coefficient and visible transmittance. These things will help you to choose the best model for your house if you want your skylight to be useful.

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