Ways to flash a skylight with metal flashing

One of the big problems that come with the installation of a skylight is making sure they are sealed properly. They can turn into a real disaster during rainy days. Make sure you follow all the steps and instructions needed for a proper installation.

This is a job that can be done by do-it-yourselfers too.

You are going to need some materials for the flashing. You will need 6 inches long sections of aluminum step flashing on a 90 degree angle and 10 foot of right angle flashing that also forms a 90 degree angle of 6 inches on both sides. You will also need roofing nails, a hammer and metal cutting snips.

Now, let’s follow through the process of flashing that begins once the skylight is in its place. First you will use the right angle flashing by placing pieces on the top and bottom of the skylight. Cover these pieces with rubberized membrane along with the two sides of the skylight. Next, you have to install the shingles on the roof. Before applying each shingle you have to place a piece of step flashing beneath them. Do these until you place all the shingles and you flash the entire perimeter around the skylight. For more assistance consult the manufacturer’s instructions.

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