How to re-screen a skylight

A skylight represents a good solution for a fine design of your house and a good way to reduce the costs with energy. New models offer a good thermal efficiency and they are also very good thinking about protection from UV rays. If you have problems with your skylight, you can simply add a new screen and solve the issues.

Old models of skylight aren’t offering a good thermal efficiency. A new screen applied over your skylight will reduce the costs with energy and will allow you to let the sun inside into a desired amount. So, you can rescreen your skylight if you have some problems with it. It is a simple job if you are a do-it-yourselfer.

Different models of skylight have different projects of installation. So you will need to understand the process of installation before you start to add an accessory. Drawstring screens represent a good solution. They are made of thick cloth fibers and they are installed over raised skylights. You will need to attach the fibrous cloth over the skylight and pull the drawstring closed. Thinking about metal screens, you need to know that they are installed by screwing them directly into the skylight frame. They are harder to install but they are more resistant. Protective screens represent also a good solution.

So, you will need to analyze your skylight before you purchase a screen for it. You need to know that the screens are manufactured in many models too choose from but only one type will fit well with your skylight. You will need to look for width, length and other considerations. Also, the shape of your skylight is very important when you choose a screen.

You will need to be very careful if you choose to complete the job yourself. It is recommended to wear a safety harness attached to a safe section of the roof to prevent falling. Also, you will need to be careful with the weather. If it rains, it is better for you to avoid working.

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