Some ways to block the light from a skylight

Even though the light and heat that pass through a skylight is beneficial, too much of anything is always wrong. This is why you may want at some point to block some of the light and heat that comes through the skylight. A very simple and practical solution for this problem is to install window film.

This will stop the light and heat but will still allow you to look at the sky.

1. Calculate the horizontal and vertical size of the skylight so you know how much window film you need.

2. Before applying the film you need to have a clean glass so wipe it with a window cleaning solution. When you are done wipe all the solution with water and leave the surface of the window dry and very clean.

3. Make the window film wider and longer with one inch than the skylight.

4. Apply a soft mist of cleaning solution over the window. Gently remove the backing of the film starting from the top. When you removed one inch of the film spray some solution of the film as well.

5. Adhere the window film on the glass gently and making sure it is very well centered.  Continue placing the entire surface of the film over the window but making sure that bubbles don’t form on the way. If they do form, take a squeegee and press it over them until they are removed.

6. Cut the excess part of the film but while leaving a 1/16 inch space between the margin of the film and the margin of the window frame.

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