Learn the installation of a skylight

Skylight is a very useful accessory because lets 35 percent more light into a room than a normal window. If you want to buy this accessory, you will need to think about the place where it will be placed or if you want to install a one large piece or more small pieces. Also, you will need to look for materials and prices.

Remember that professionals can easily install a skylight for you, but it will be a difficult process if you decide to install it yourself.

First, you will need to find the right place where the skylight will be installed. You will need to mark it and drill a hole into the center of the ceiling. You will use a wire which will be inserted into the hole. Now, you will need to go outside and find the hole. Using this spot, you will mark the place and cut the line using a circular saw. You will need to install header joists into the opposite way of the roof joists for strength. Now, you can cut the frame of the ceiling.

You will start the process of installation by measuring 3 inches away from it and marking the places. You will cut the shingles being guided by the marks made. Now, you will place the skylight into the hole and secure it using screws. Then, you will need to cut some roofing paper strips and place them under the shingles. First, you will install a single piece of bottom flashing. Also, you will need to use a hammer to drive some flashing nails into the sides of the skylight. Now, you will need to slide the pieces of the step flashing under the shingles and you will start from the bottom to the top. The pieces must overlap with minimum 4 inches.

Using the bottom piece of flashing, you will need to slide a solid flashing piece under the bottom of the sky light and under the roofing. Complete the flashing installation with the head flashing attached to the top of the skylight.

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