Skylight disadvantages

Aside from great light and air circulation, skylights can also bring you trouble. All depends on how you install them and on the quality of the skylights.

Starting from the main advantage of skylights, which is bringing more light into a room, we can say that this can turn into a real trouble.

Along with the sunlight comes a lot of heat which can heat up the room which makes t very hard to handle during summer days. In most of the cases people use air conditioning to cool up the area, but with all that heat coming in, you will just pay more and more for energy. But summer is not the only season when skylights can turn into trouble. Ice that forms on the roof and on the skylight during winter will make the room cooler causing you to spend more money on heating,

Another bad thing about skylights is that they are hard to reach when you have to clean them. You must take the risk of climbing on the roof with a ladder and that is dangerous.

There is another problem that homeowners complain about, condensation. Usually this is a very common problem for old skylights because the way they are designed and usually the material, which is plastic, just favors condensation. Also if the skylight is installed badly condensation conditions are created.

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