Learn to apply caulk on a plastic skylight

In order to install a plastic skylight you have to make a hole in the roof. By doing this you create a leaking factor. To eliminate leaks and drafts and corrosion you can insulate the skylight when you install it from the outside.

The best solution is to use caulk. The result of this will be no leaks.

1. First of all make sure that the skylight is attached strongly to the roof and that the caulk is only a strengthening added between the two.

2. Before applying the sealant you have to clean the area where it will be applied with a damp rag, simply because dirt and debris reduce its efficiency.

3. Use the most durable sealant, which is the butyl caulk. This is perfect for the outdoors and it has to be loaded into a caulk gun.

4. Start sealing a seam in the skylight. You have to seal the entire perimeter of the skylight frame so advance gently along it with the gun.

5. Seal all the joints completely. Unlike other caulks, the butyl caulk has to be left to dry and not smoothened with a cloth.

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