Learn to apply insulation on an attic skylight

The benefit you get from a skylight is extra light in a room. But with this light you can also lose a lot of energy.


First you have to measure the perimeter of the light shaft, but if you have a tubular skylight you have to measure the surface from outside.

2. You will need pieces of rigid foam insulation that fit precisely on the rectangle or square shape of the skylights, over the finishing drywall.

3. To cut the rigid foam insulation you have to mark the pieces with some lines and then just put the utility knife through that line. When you reach half way, just crack it on a surface. For the tubular skylights you will need fiberglass batt insulation.

4. Now it’s time to apply the insulation. For that you will need to screw the insulation to the roof studs, but first you need to drill some holes starting from the insulation board, into the drywall and the stud. When dealing with batt insulation, you will have to cover the full length of the tubular skylight by wrapping the insulation around it and then fix it with duct tape.

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