Get solar heat from a skylight

Indirect heating includes the use of windows or skylights to produce heat from the sun’s light. As the light passes through the skylight it is transformed into heat that is absorbed by the walls and floor. This type of heating is suitable for colder climates.

1. When you install the windows you need to have in mind whether you are in the southern or northern hemisphere because the windows should face them. It is important that at least 7 percent of the floor is covered by the windows.

2. The skylights that have the lowest amount of heat lost through them are the ones with low-E coating glass.

3. The skylights are installed on the roof. Again you have to use the information whether you are in the southern hemisphere, in which case you will need to install the skylights installed on the north-northwest side of the roof and if you are in the northern hemisphere you need to install them on the south-southwest side of the roof.  This is to absorb as much light as possible.

4. You can use the skylights for ventilation as well. You will need a venting skylight for this.

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