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Learn to create a skylight shade

Learn to create a skylight shade


Skylights are installed on the roof because this is the most efficient way to get as much sun light inside a room as possible. But sometimes the light that enters can be too much in a hot day, so you want to do something to reduce it. Your easy solution is to install a shade.

1. Calculate the length and width of the skylight and note the measures down.

2. To your final length add another 6 inches plus double the width of the tension rods and to the width add another ½ inch.

3. Use these measures to make exact pieces of fabric.

4. Close the folded edges with a straight stitch this way making the hems on the side.

5. Calculate 3 inches added to the width of the tension rod. Fold the horizontal edges at this length.

6. Now close the edges with a zigzag stitch. Have in mind to maintain the seam very close to the fabric’s edge.

7. Use the two pockets you created to insert the tension rods inside them. Insert the first one and press until you feel it fitted in the skylight opening. Do the same with the other one.

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