Defend skylights from hail damage

Despite the hard resistance of skylight against impacts, eventually something hard can cause the glass to shatter making you to change it. In this article we present one factor that can cause this. There is one phenomenon called hail, meaning freezing rain, which are pieces of ice that fall from the sky that can cause the skylight great damage.

Anyway, there are precautions you can take to prevent this damage.

1. There are companies that sell a special glass type that is especially resistant against hail. It is a reinforced glass that is stronger than normal glass. For more resistance against impact the glass can be coated with silicone.

2. You can prevent the hail damage by staying aware of the weather conditions and taking the necessary precautions in case the weather station announces hail.

3. When you are expecting hail to fall place a tarp over the skylight. This will stop the hail from cracking the glass on impact.

4. When the weather calms down, you can remove the tarp.

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