Learn to avoid condensation drip on skylights

When a wave of humid air touches a cold glass, the air condensates on the window as a result. So there are two ways to avoid this. You can raise the glass’s temperature or you can reduce the humidity in the air.

1. The first and most crude way to reduce condensation is to point a fan at the skylight which will cause the glass to become warmer, therefore eliminating the condensation factors. Still, this is not a long term solution and it may not work at all if the glass simply doesn’t become warmer.

2. To decrease humidity inside the house you can take some simple measures. You have to eliminate the humidity producers such as the humidifiers, dryers and venting washers. Also you can install ventilators in the kitchen and if all these don’t work, you can install a dehumidifier close to the skylights.

3. The last measure you can take is to apply window film on the skylights. The appliance process is simple. You have to measure a piece of window film the same size as the window, then clean the window carefully with some water and detergent and in the end apply the film gently. Wait a little until you can make sure that it is stuck well. You can also follow the instructions that come with the kit.

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