Reduce the skylight glare with some paint

The result from a skylight is extra space awareness and more light. The transparency of the skylights allows glares to enter the room. A good simple solution to this is to paint the skylight.

1. Before climbing on a ladder to access the skylight, pace something underneath it to catch the drops of paint. First thing to do is to clean the window good.

2. Prepare the glass for painting by rubbing it with fine grit sandpaper. To protect the edges of the skylight from getting dirty, cover them with some painter’s tape.

3. First apply the transparent paint primer on the window and wait for it to dry. Touch it from time to time to see if it is still tacky.

4. When the primer is dry it is time for you to apply the light colored paint over it. It has to be oil-based paint because it is more resistant to moisture and condensation. Apply as much paint as it needs to stop the glare.

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