Learn to install a skylight on a metal roof

Installing a skylight means giving you access to more natural light and ventilation mean. Still, the job is a difficult one and if you don’t have experience you should hire a professional to do it.


First you need to cut the space where the skylight will be installed. For this you first need to make a little hole from inside the house and then go on the roof and cut around that hole using a circular saw.

2. Create the frame of the skylight with pieces of 2-by-4 and angle brackets. Next attach the skylight to the frame with roofing nails. After that do the same thing for the inside of the house with the proper measurements.

3. Seal the skylight. Use rubber window seal tape for this. Cover all the openings on the outside. Make sure there is no sign of leakages.

4. To complete the installation you have to attach the top frame and interior frame together with some deck screws. Seal the frame completely with caulk. Make sure the frame is completely sealed. Apply caulk where you see any remaining opening.

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