Various types of window blinds

Venetian blinds

This is the classic style. It consists of horizontal slats that when closed they block the sun light and when opened they allow it in. all the system is based on some cords and pulleys that control the blinds.

You can get venetian blinds in any material from vinyl, plastic, wood, metal or fabric and in any size. Even though they are not so formal you can use them as light blockers in any area. There is a similar product to the blinds but the difference is that it is all one piece. This is a shade.


As the name suggests they are just the same as normal blinds just much smaller and suitable for small windows. Their slats can reach widths of even ½ inches. They are also available in many colors and designs. To make them more resistant they are normally fabricated from aluminum.

Vertical blinds

This type of blinds is very common for sliding glass doors or other tall glass structures because it covers them completely. They have two controlling system. One opens them horizontally and one vertically. If you don’t like pulling the cords, you can have them automatically controlled. The materials usually used are faux wood, fiberglass, aluminum or fabric. The problem with wooden vertical blinds is that they are too heavy and this can be a real problem. But you can still custom-order them.

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