Installing a round skylight

Skylights are a very good choice for a room placed near the roof of a house. They are bringing natural light into the room and they can be energy efficient. The most used skylight is the square model.

Nowadays, the rounded models are more and more popular. They vary in models and they can be used for a fine look of the room or for efficiency. Skylights have a very hard installation and you must ask help from the manufacturer or a professional.

If you decided to make it yourself, you will start by studying your ceiling. You need to find the right place to install the skylight and you need to look for an area with no wiring and other problems to solve. When you find the right place, you will need to mark the place and drive a nail into the center of the place. You will need to run a wire through the hole and find the center place on the roof.

Then, you will need to remove the shingles from the roof and make a marking of the skylight. You will cut the roof sheathing using a circular saw. Now, you need to cut headers to the top and bottom of the place where the frame will be installed. Then, you will install it. Make sure that you are very careful with brackets and the tube.

Now, you need to remove the protective film from the round skylight and apply the foam along the perimeter seam of the dome. The second skylight dome will be placed onto the top of the first one to about 1 ¾ inches. Now, you will finish by attaching the skylight retainer frame.

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