Where to place skylights ?

Skylights offer some great benefits to a room. They provide more natural light and also ventilation. For some people even the view towards outside is a benefit.

One idea to place a skylight is in a small, dark bathroom that lacks natural light. You don’t give up any privacy and you also have the benefit of showering under the burning sun.

Another idea is to buy an operable skylight to help with the cooling and heating. This will reduce some of the costs. The operable skylight offers you access to fresh air whether it’s summer or winter. You can get it manually operated or automatically operated, if the ceiling is too high for you to reach.

Skylights are the perfect solution for an attic bedroom. It is very clear that an attic room lacks also light and fresh air, so a skylight is definitely suitable. Besides these two benefits, the skylights also look very great from the outside.

If you are using an artificial light source during the day to lighten the stairwells then you could save some of that energy money with a skylight.

Another place where you might need to install a skylight is on exterior structures. Maybe you have a covered patio or a covered swimming pool or a sunroom. All these could need the extra light.

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