Increase the efficiency of a skylight

There are benefits from using a skylight indeed. They bring more light, help you save money with energy bills, but they also have disadvantages. Cold air can get inside the house through a skylight while heat escapes.

There are skylights that help you prevent these. There are the double-pane glass skylights with a very good insulation as well. A simpler solution is to install window shades.

1. Go to a local store and purchase a skylight shade for your skylight. Some shades also provide insulation benefits because of the two layers of fabric that trap the air inside therefore stopping the heat from leaving.

2. The shades can be controlled manually or better, automatically. With the use of a remote control you can control every aspect you want.

3. Don’t try to install the shade yourself if you don’t want to lose the warranty. You can get a professional to do it.

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