Learn to replace the glass window on a skylight

When your skylight glass window gets cracked for who knows what reason, you will have to change it. It is good to know that this is a job you can do yourself. Just follow these steps:


First verify the structure of the skylight. See if there are any cracks in the flashing or if there are any damages.

2. Go inside the house in the room with the skylight and place a tarp under it because there is where the glass pieces will fall.

3. Now go back on the roof and start detaching the glass from the window using a utility knife and a hammer. Do not leave any piece of glass behind. Look inside the frame because there may be small pieces that haven’t been removed. Use a screwdriver if it helps.

4. Measure the perimeter of the window frame to know what size the new glass should be. Place the Plexiglas on the opening and seal it with caulk. Mae sure you introduce it so it fits. Then leave it there to adhere with the caulk.

5. In the process there may have resulted some excess caulk. Cut it with a putty knife. Verify the entire structure again and look for leaks or areas that are not sealed properly.

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