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Tinting skylights

Tinting skylights


Installing a skylight on the roof will make the room where the skylight is installed brighter. Even though this is a great benefit and many people enjoy having a lot of natural bright light, at some point it may seem just too much. One solution to this is to attach a tint to the glass.

The tint will limit the amount of light that enters the room. Follow these steps:

1. Before applying anything on the glass you need to clean the surface completely. Use a solution that cleans glass.

2. When you are done with the solution, clean it with some soap and water.

3. Take the tint and remove one of its sides. You will see that there is a sticky side that you have to apply on the glass surface.

4. Run a squeegee over the surface of the tint to remove the air bubbles and leave the surface smooth.

5. Use the razor blade to neat the edges of the skylight.

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