About wood blinds

There is a great functionality added to wood blinds. They come in many styles also. The basic wood blind is a vintage touch to your place but you can also have them modern styled.

There are other blinds like the plantation blinds or shutters whose slats are made of wood. Not all can be operated to control the amount of light that gets through. To control the light that enters the house you have to control the slats installed on the blinds. You can do this with cords that move the slats either vertically or horizontally. There is nothing that says blinds don’t work with curtains too.

It is very important to keep an eye on the blinds from time to time because the slats tend to get dirty. A good solution is to use a vacuum with a brush adjustment from time to time. Washing the slats in soapy water helps too. Still this is not a general solution because some blinds can get really damaged from contact to water.

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