Preventing skylight condensation

There are two ways of reducing the condensation that occurs when humid air touches the cold skylight window. You can raise the glass temperature or reduce the humidity in the air.


One simple measure is to use a fan to try and warm to glass. Remember that this is not a long term solution; you can only keep this for a limited period of time. In some cases it may not even work, because the glass just won’t warm.

2. As we were saying, the second measure is to reduce the humidity inside the house. For this you have to identify the factors that produce humidity, such as the humidifiers, dryers outside and others and eliminate them. You can also increase the ventilation in rooms like the kitchen or bathroom. A fast solution is to install a dehumidifier next to the skylight.

3. The third and last solution is to cover the glass in window film. The process is a simple one. You have to clean the glass very good with a solution of water and detergent. Then measure the size of the window and cut a piece of window film that would fit there. Take the film and press it against the glass until you feel it is stuck there. This is all.

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