About the history of television

Even though it is called in many names television still rules in our homes and although almost everybody uses it, no many know about its amazing history. Learn more about his in the following article.

Television is actually a telecommunication mean that uses both images and sounds and the word ‘television’ can be translated as ‘far sight’ from a combination of greek and latin.

Now television unites all the households and other establishments in the world.

The first man to ever invent the television is said to be John Logie Baird while the first electronic television was created by Philo Farnsworth.

The first attempts to display images on the television combined optical, electronic and mechanical technologies. They used mechanical fax machines to transmit images electrically on the screen. After that they managed to transmit motion images with the use of the telephonescope in 1878.

Moving towards 1881 the period where scanning was used to transmit images on the television begnied, and the process known as ‘rasterization’ meaning to convert visual images intro stream of electrical pulses was invented.

Since 1884 when the patent for the first electromechanical television system was acquired by a German student and until 1920 they started to use optical and electronic technologies to generate images on the television screen.

In 1927 the technology managed to develop until the television was able to achieve and image resolution of 100 lines and motion pictures were being able to be transmitted. Only in 1939, the color television was first introduced.

The Germans were the first to enjoy television broadcasts since 1929. They even broadcasted live from the Berlin Olympic Games. With all these being taken into consideration, we can surely say that the invention of the TV was the most important milestone of the past 100 years.

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