Learn to direct a satellite dish

The article below teaches you how to set up a satellite dish once you have installed the antenna so that you get the signal you want.

Let’s suppose you have decided to install a satellite TV antenna. In order to get all the broadcasted channels and receive the best signal you have to aim you satellite dish antenna in the correct direction.

What you need in order to align the antenna properly is the azimuth and elevation that the satellite TV provider you want to use has. These are merely two coordinates that will tell you how to align the antenna in relation to the satellite that emits the signal. Usually the simplest way to find these coordinates is by asking the providers themselves.

Now that you have these directions you can point the satellite dish in the direction of the satellite. Now that the direction is right, you need to work on the angle of the antenna. You can see this on the satellite signal screen with the transmission receiver on.

While looking at the screen keep moving the antenna. Look at the screen and analyze the signal you see the satellite receives. Keep moving the dish until the signal shows maximum level.

There is always the alternative of hiring a service person to set up the antenna for you. They would have done it from the beginning if you hired them to install the service as well.

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