The functioning of satellite TV

You can find out below how the technology behind satellite TV works. But first, let’s understand better what satellite TV is.

The system is based on communication satellites that orbit around the earth and send signals towards earth.

Satellite TV offers a big variety of channels and services. Satellite TV is becoming more and more popular since 1962 when it was first used.

The place where the signal starts from is the transmitting antenna that is aimed at the satellites. These are very big satellite dishes because they need to send a very powerful signal.

Then, the signal is received by the satellites where they interpret the signal and then retransmit it towards earth. If the signal was transmitted back to earth at the same frequency as the uplink signal then the two would interfere. In this purpose, the signal is translated into a different frequency before being sent back to earth.

After all that, the signals are received by the satellite dishes installed in households. Then it follows a complicated path where the signal is amplified and transformed and then when reached the receiver it is decoded and turned into television images.

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