Review of the Vizio TVs

In the US, Vizio TVs are becoming more and more popular, leading the brand in its way to becoming a leader in the television industry. This article will present you with more information about the brand.

Innovation is the key to keeping a brand always in the top.

New technologies appear every day and one needs to keep up with this incredible rate. This leads to newer version of different products from different brands. This is also the case of Vizio. Starting in the market in 2002, the company gained an enormous part of the market in only 8 years. This is mostly because of the aggressive pricing strategies that they have. You will read below some reviews of Vizio TVs to help you understand the product better.

The 55 inch Vizio TV seems to be a success. They introduced the product in 2010 as a wish to win the HDTV market. This is a great model that offers exciting features. The creators incorporated in this product the Sensio XpanD shutter glasses that are exceptional for 3D viewing. This was a great advantage with the new trends being set in place.

Another great improvement to the model is the increased LED backlight from 80 to 120, which led to a better picture quality and less blooming. Also they managed to increase the refresh rate to 480 Hz and to introduce a Wi-Fi connection. The clarity of the image was even further improved with adding the scanning backlight. To impress even further, the television comes with a 60 Ghz wireless receiver that will generate a full HD, 1080p resolution when streaming.

The company states that the purpose of this new model was to use less power and to cause less stress to the eyes. Among other features of the TV there is the internet application, the 1080p resolution, a 2.000.000:1 mega contrast ratio, better audio quality with the special feature of controlling the volume when channels are changed or commercials are on, so the level doesn’t change.

Now that we presented all the benefits, it’s time to speak about the downsides. The 42 inch model seems to present flickered colors with noise and the 37 inch model seems to have somewhat uneven screen uniformity. Still, even with this the general point of view is that Vizio Televisions are very good and people seem to enjoy them very well.

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