The effects of television on young people

There is no doubt that at least some of us were told when they were kids to spend less time at the television.  But was that really affecting us? Not many listened to that advice that’s for sure. But with the years passing and us growing older there was just not enough time to watch television anymore, so that addiction we had started to wore off.

But how did the television affect us? We will discuss about that below.

The time spent in front of the TV is actually a lot. This is because this is the easiest way to relax after a hard day, to keep the worries away and keep you entertained and in touch with the news.

The TV does have a good part, the informative part. But there are also so many bad sides of it that affect especially youngsters who are still in the growing process. Let’s take for example movies and see how they affect the kids. In the movies you can see youngster having all sorts of behavior, doing all kinds of bad things such as showing disrespect to anyone. Te problem is when movie characters become role models. It is very well known how much cursing movie characters do and this directly influences the viewers.

As we said earlier, the problem is when young people choose these movie characters as role models and start imitating their behavior. Just a random chosen TV show has vulgar, violent, and other bad elements in more than a third of it. Vices are becoming cool; violence is starting to appear as the correct solution in an argument.

When we talk about television we also talk about cartoons, and in these days cartoons are becoming more and more violent. The behavior that kids get from TV is that they can use violence in order to obtain something they want, because this is what is shown in TV shows.

Still, there are some TV programs that have a good impact on the behavior and knowledge of a child. There are documentaries and religious programs, but because they are not as cool as the other programs these are rarer than the bad type of shows.

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