The bad effects of television

Because we are so excited about watching television, we tend to forget about all the negative effects it has on us. For more information about this you can read the following article.

If you choose to spend you free time by watching some TV because you consider that this will help you eliminate stress, then you are really mistaking.

While you are thinking that the TV is releasing you from stress, it is actually building tension in your brain. Thus your mind is really affected while you are watching TV.

Instead of spending free time doing something like reading or exercising people choose to watch TV. This affects many things, it can even take from the time you would rather spend with friends and family. Any other activity is better than watching TV.

Who is really influenced by today’s television are children. They spend hours a day watching cartoons and kid shows. This makes them become sedentary. They become addicted to television. A child should use all his energy on physical activities and playing rather than spend all his time in front of the TV. Also TV is really affecting the eyesight.

Some researchers are saying that long hours of television watching are causing the attention deficit disorder on kids. The kids that spend more time in front of the TV rather than reading present a harder capacity to concentrate.

People in their young ages tend to identify themselves with what’s on TV. They tend to relate to the events in movies and TV shows, starting to think their normal life is not good enough. This can only lead to frustrations.

Regarding the effects on the human mind, it is said that intense emotions that are watched on TV leave a great impact on the mind. So all the horror scenes remain stuck in the human mind. All the violence that is shown on TV can only do harm in a human’s mind.

It’s ok to watch television from time to time but excessive hours will only do harm and bad thing to the mind and life of the viewers.

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