How does television violence affect children

There was always a complaint against television and media for showcasing too much violence. Actually violence is what represents many television shows. When we say violence we refer to murders, physical abuse, explosions and such things.

All this negative content is constantly affecting the viewers, but especially the young ones. Because they are in the developmental stage, they are vulnerable to any sort of behavior, especially violent one.

Think about his: is the society reflecting what is on TV or is the TV reflecting the society? Well, at some point it becomes a vicious circle. Because television content is really influencing the young minds, children are blindly following what they see on TV. And when violence is what is shown constantly on TV, this is what they relate to.

There are different factors that influence the way television affects children. It depends on their level of understating, on their experiences, and more. The AAP states that any child under the age of 2 should not watch TV at all, and kids over the age of 2 are allowed only an hour or two per day. Children so young need to from a behavior and what they see around has a great influence. Because of this process of developing, children can follow what they see on TV without really knowing. This is why the parents play an important role, because they are the ones who must limit the TV hours.

As infants grow to the age of two and a half they begin to understand also the content of television. This means they can start imitating behaviors. Children are attracted to fast moving images and intense scenes so they might be attracted by violent scenes. The behavior of children who watch violent shows becomes aggressive.

A young mind cannot understand the context of violence on television. This means that if a villain bears guilt after an act of violence, the child does not perceive all those feelings. So they don’t see how bad behavior has bad effects on one’s life.

As we said earlier, parents must limit the watching of TV for their children to a few hours per week and only for kids shows and educational shows. Always keep them away from violent behavior especially in the youngest years.

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