TV can still be good for kids

There is a general idea that TV is harmful for kids no matter what, but the thing is that there are still good programs that can be tolerated also by adults.

This, of course doesn’t mean that TV should replace the human care provided to the children. For example Nick Jr.

provides more than appropriate content for kids and it still doesn’t get any close to direct parent-child interaction. Still, there are some educational programs that will help kids in their growing stage to understand things better by making correlations with what they see on TV.

You will see that the tagline for Nick Jr. is “”It’s like pre-school on TV.” .This can be a little exaggerated, but to make it true you can still say the content is more appropriate than other cartoons that kids watch these days. With TV shows such as Dora the Explorer or Blue’s Clues kids will get a lot of educational information while still enjoying a good show.

The shows though may not be that much entertaining, but the educational information they provide is definitely in the right place. They have a calming rhythm and this attracts many of the kids.

In order to keep the kids’ interest in television at a low point, you can have no restrictions regarding television in the house. While they have all the access they want, they don’t want it that bad.

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