3D TV is launched in the US

The big sports cable network in the US, ESPN, has announced its launch on the 3D broadcasting market with the ESPN 3D channel. The launch will be done by transmitting the soccer game between Mexico and South Africa at the FIFA World Cup. Many tests were previously done in order to make the launch perfect.

ESPN wants to make everything perfect.

ESPN stated to broadcast around 100 live games such as soccer or college sports. They are hoping to win the fans with this new technology that will enhance their experience and to place ESPN high on the market.

When there is no live event to be broadcasted, the channel will remain blank. In order to view the 3D content you will need a 3D television set and 3D glasses. Direct TV seems to have their own plans regarding their 3D channel. So the viewers are the ones who have something to gain from this competition. The only thing remaining to see is how long it will take for people to embrace this type of television viewing.

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