Installing a TV antenna

TV antennas are becoming more and more popular due to the many opportunities they provide. Normally a professional should perform the installation of a TV antenna, but if you think you have the abilities, you can follow the instructions below to install it yourself.

First of all, we personally recommend buying an outdoor antenna with the complete mounting kit and accessories.

When you start the installation you have to decide first on the location. You need to know that high installation provide better signal.

Get up on the roof carefully and attach the mounting kit. Make sure it is stable before trying to mount the antenna. Follow the installation guide to install the antenna in the mount. Now, connect the cable in the antenna and take them inside the house. Weatherproof the cables that are outside and secure them good.

Now that you have the antenna installed you can start clarifying the reception. Just keep adjusting the antenna until you have the desired reception and tight the bolts in the end.

Installing a TV antenna on the roof is a very dangerous job. You should be very careful when you do this and always have someone else to help you around, don’t do this alone. Remember, you can always hire someone to install the antenna for you.

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