The reason why TV is losing viewers

In this article we will present how TV is losing more and more ground in the face of PCs, phones and other gadgets and why.

What you will see today if you check out the ratings is that TV viewership is decreasing day by day. Soap operas are losing its viewers.

Since the development of other technologies such as internet, phones, and so on, the PCs are starting to take the place of TV. The reason for this is that everything we like to watch is also available somewhere on the internet and we can download it or watch right on the PC.

The average age group of people who use the internet more than the TV is 18-44 years. The internet is starting to owe the TV. You can find everything on the internet but you can’t find everything on TV.

One reason that is stated among people, that regards the lower number of TV viewers, is unemployment. Yes, it’s true, an unemployed person has more time to watch the TV, but with the current conditions in these days, many people who are unemployed can’t afford having a TV subscription, and thus unemployment is another factor that contributes to the lower rate of TV viewers.

Another reason for this issue can be the reduced interest that people have in TV soaps. This can be explained by the fact that many top channels have lost a great percentage of their viewers and the big TV soaps that used to have millions of viewers are starting the have less and less, while in the same time channels such as CNN are growing in viewers. So, there could be a decrease in the demand for the same TV soaps.

With all these being said, we still cannot say that the TV is no longer a must have piece in a home. There are still a lot of benefits from having a TV that the internet does not poses.

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